Short Hair Don’t Care

Finally summer’s here. Good to be chilling out. I’m off the clock, the pressure’s off now my bucket list is what it’s all about.

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Summer 2017 Bucket List

The summer of 2017 is the first summer since I started college where I will be at home. For the past two summers I have worked at Camp Arcadia, a little piece of heaven located in Northern Michigan. While I love camp with my whole heart I decided that this summer I should probably get an internship and make a little bit more money so I can afford my senior year of college. I have decided to take this opportunity to change my life. This is mostly because I only have two friends from high school and one will be in Israel all summer, so I will be bored out of my mind. Also I won’t have to pay for anything since I will be living at home.

Without further ado here is my summer 2017 bucket list: