Quarter Life Crisis


I am Marie, the creator of this blog. I am a 20 year old college student studying Corporate Communication and Women and Gender Studies at Marquette University. Welcome to my blog!

Now the reason for this blog is the quarter life crisis that I am currently going through. About three weeks ago I decided to go through my Facebook friends and unfriend people who I was not friends with anymore, I had no idea that this would set a fire inside me that would become my quarter life crisis.

Now something that you should know about me is that I LOVE my computer, I have spent days just hanging out on it and browsing the internet, it is not healthy how much I am on my computer. The same goes for my phone, I love endlessly scrolling through Instagram and Buzzfeed. This all changed when I was unfriending some Facebook friends.

It started as a normal unfriending spree, starting with the people whose birthday it was and finding one or two more to unfriend. Then I had a realization, I no longer cared about 99.9% of the people I went to high school with. The second I realized this I swear that the heavens opened above me and a light shone down from above. All of a sudden I was unfriending people left and right, it was the most liberating experience, I went from around 900 friends to about 150 friends. This was the beginning of a social media purge for me.

After losing five sixths of my Facebook friends I decided to delete all social media apps off of my phone except for Snapchat and Facebook Messenger, and I only really kept those because it is how I communicate with my little brother. I deleted the Buzzfeed, Instagram, Facebook, tumblr, and YouTube apps. This was an amazing decision for two reasons, first I no longer received notifications from these apps on my phone. This is amazing because after my alarm goes off in the morning I don’t automatically go on any social media. Now I could have just turned off notifications, but I probably would have still checked them anyway. The second reason that this was amazing is that I no longer wanted a new phone. I have had the same Samsung Galaxy S4 since November 2013, and for the last six months I have wanted a new phone. This changed after I deleted all of my apps. Now the only things I do on my phone are text, make calls, listen to music, and send Snapchats. If you don’t use your phone as much, you don’t want a new one, which is amazing since I have no money for a new phone.

The main websites that I use when I am on my computer are Facebook, tumblr, YouTube, and Netflix. Since I unfriended almost all of my Facebook friends almost all of these websites have become useless, not because of the unfriending spree, but I realized it right after. Facebook was now pointless to check every ten minutes since the news feed was the same all day due to lack of friends. My tumblr also has become more and more dead recently, I stopped following new blogs years ago and all of the blogs I follow are gradually posting less and less, so eventually I will probably log off and not look back. YouTube is a website I still frequent, but all of the creators I subscribe to post about one a week so often I watch the three new videos in my subscriptions and then I leave the site. While I love Netflix with all of my heart, I just finished watching It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and I don’t have another show to watch so I haven’t been on it recently.

Once I realized that all of the sites I frequent were mostly dead, I had no idea how to feel. On the one hand I felt about a million times lighter, but on the other hand I had no idea what to do with all of this time on my hands. This is when I had my second big epiphany. I decided to create a bucket list. I realized that I only had so much time not only on this earth, but I only had so much time left being this age. Pretty soon I am going to graduate and have to get my life in order and I have so many things that still I want to do.

This is the point of this blog, I decided that if I wanted to actually do these things I should make it public so that there is more pressure to get this stuff done, even if no one reads this blog. I also decided to create this blog so that I can chronicle the adventures that I have accomplishing the things on my bucket list.

I am so excited to take this momentum I have and run with it and I hope that you are excited to join me on this life altering journey.


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